Ludington, Michigan

“Picture Perfect Weekend Workshop” by Todd and Brad Reed

Mission Statement for Workshops by Todd & Brad Reed Photography

The workshops are designed to teach people how to “see the world in photographs”.  Todd and Brad Reed cover many technical aspects of photography (include shutter speed, F-stops and aperture, ISO, depth of field, etc.) and we teach people how to make better choices with their own cameras.  Todd and Brad also spend a lot of time teaching people how to break down a photograph into all of its technical and artistic elements.  The workshops will also focus on the art/vision side of photography and to provide you with more choices/building blocks to create great art.  Todd and Brad will teach you the 20 artistic elements they use when they are in the field “making” their photographs. The weekend workshops are great for a total beginner with a new camera or a seasoned professional who is looking for a different perspective.  All ages and abilities are welcomed.  We will share all of our secrets on every aspect of our photography business and our secrets on how we shoot.   We prefer you have a digital SLR camera. If you don’t, please have a camera that can be shot on full manual mode so you can change the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. “Point and shoot” cameras that only have full auto or only have limited manual modes will not work for this workshop.

Call Brad and Todd Reed Photography to reserve your spot today. 1-231-843-0777

2018 Picture Perfect Workshop Dates:

May 4th -6th, 2018

May 18th -20th, 2018

October 19th -21st, 2018

October 26th -28th, 2018 Advanced*

*It is mandatory that you participate in the regular workshop before you attend an advanced workshop.